Building Better Buildings—and a Brighter Kalamazoo

June 22, 2017

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More than bricks and mortar, good architecture stirs both the heart and mind, and enriches lives and communities.

Over 30 years ago, Jeff Eckert and Rick Wordell founded Eckert Wordell, an architecture, interior design, and engineering firm focused on designing structures that are not only responsible, but also resonant. Creating workspaces that are inviting and memorable is important to Treystar, too. Perhaps that's one reason why Eckert Wordell is one of Treystar's longest-reigning tenants, making the Haymarket Building its home for 20 years and counting.

During the past two decades, Treystar and Eckert Wordell have collaborated on many projects, always with the goal of enhancing Kalamazoo and enticing other businesses to become part of the city's eclectic and inspiring landscape.

Most recently, they joined forces in the redevelopment of the Kalamazoo Foundry and Machine Company located at the intersection of Harrison Street and East Michigan Avenue. This 55,000-square-foot facility sits adjacent to the River's Edge neighborhood, and will feature a distinct office space with collaborative and shared social areas, a new restaurant, and many other unique amenities.

"Building a vibrant downtown is essential to nurturing the wellbeing of individuals, families and businesses across our community," said David Jarl, Vice President of Architecture, Eckert Wordell. It has been both refreshing and rewarding to work with Treystar to transform The Foundry, once an abandoned eyesore, into what I'm confident will be a destination. We've encouraged and challenged each other to stretch and visualize a new kind of office environment in Kalamazoo. We look forward to pooling our collective talents and continuing our partnership for many years to come.

The Haymarket Appeal
Located in the heart of Kalamazoo's business and entertainment district, the Haymarket Building is a hip, urban space with high ceilings, brick walls and abundant natural light. Learn more about the Haymarket Building, including available lease space.

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