As Good as Gold

Treystar 50th Anniversary Icon

The year 2019 marks Treystar's golden (50th) anniversary. In recognition of this milestone, we're going to feature snapshots from our history in this newsletter and on our website. We hope you enjoy walking down memory lane as much as we do.

The First Decade (Give or Take)

Robert Brown started Treystar by building two large mobile home communities in Kalamazoo County. Thanks to his expertise, hard work, and persistent desire to discover and cultivate opportunity, Treystar grew quickly from these humble roots. 1968: Bob, Susie (his wife), their two sons ("Brownie" and Fritz) and their dog (Blue) pack into the car and return to Kalamazoo after a 10-year hiatus. The family previously resided in Colorado, Idaho and Texas, where Bob had worked in plant management and sales with Boise Cascade Corporation. His tenure with Boise Cascade gives him the confidence to risk his own capital and chase his dreams of opening his own business.