Arcadia Ales

Success Story

Arcadia Ales Owner Tim Suprise Behind Bar

Tim and Mardy Suprise, owners of Arcadia Ales, partnered with Treystar in 2011 to create their Kalamazoo Riverfront Brewery, Pub, and Kitchen on the site of a former coal burning power plant. In addition to greatly increasing brewing capacity and public profile, the partnership spurred the revitalization and redevelopment of the brownfield site in the city's River's Edge district.

Treystar Is Qualified

"We had a number of different moving parts, including financial elements and brownfield redevelopment organizations," Tim Suprise said of the $7-million-dollar building project which included funding and input from City of Kalamazoo Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, City of Kalamazoo Economic Development Department, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Michigan Strategic Fund, and First National Bank of Michigan.

"Treystar had a level of legitimacy and real credibility given their previous development work. The experience they brought to the table raised the level of comfort for all of our stakeholders."

Added Value

Without the help of the Treystar team, Suprise said the creation of his Kalamazoo brewery would have been more challenging.

Arcadia Ales viewed from office space above pub

"Fritz Brown helped us navigate through funding options and shepherded the project through local and state ordinances," Suprise said.

"Our relationship extends beyond just the project development though. For example, Terry Patterson and his crew were extremely helpful in organizing a very successful golf outing this fall at The Moors," Suprise said. "As a result of that success, more than $8,000 was reinvested in the community through the Douglass Community Center and the Kalamazoo Northside Association for Community Development.

"We appreciate that they, too, are a community-minded organization."

A Lasting Relationship

When asked if he would work with Treystar again, Suprise replied emphatically, "Absolutely."

"I'd like to think our two companies have gotten to know each other," he said. "I appreciate the talents and capabilities Treystar has. I look forward to utilizing our relationship for another mutually beneficial project in the future.

Special Feature

Arcadia Ales Treystar Board Room

With 30,000 feet of brewing and serving space; an industrial, yet welcoming atmosphere, and loft offices, there are numerous features to love at Arcadia's Kalamazoo location. Suprise said the riverfront location tops his list though.

Once a site of contaminated soil and years of neglect, the site is now teaming with new life and vibrancy as visible from the outdoor patio space adjacent to the river walk.

"We also love our board room, also known as the Treystar Board Room," Suprise said. "It offers our customers a great space to utilize for offsite meetings."

Arcadia's Economic Impact

"We continue to work on marketing and engaging the local community," Suprise said. "We will be strategically adding new markets, one a quarter, into 2015 and beyond."

Arcadia Ales Food Counter

Even while eyeing growth on a national scale, Suprise is mindful of needs locally. He often offers the brewery as a venue for non-profit organizations to host fundraising events.

"Our purpose in the community is best spent engaging with non-profits," he said. "I don't see us ever moving away from that; it's become part of our culture.

"The funds are going where they are needed. If there is a bit of goodwill that comes back to us as a result, that's an added value."