Success Story

MarxModa Roseann Blahnik

MarxModa, formerly known as WordSquared, has been a Treystar client since April 2013. An office furniture dealership, MarxModa has showrooms in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Pontiac, and Traverse City and is a Certified Herman Miller Dealership. It is also four-time recipient of the prestigious Herman Miller Customer Satisfaction Cube Award, which is presented annually to one office furniture dealership in North America.

"We are a design company specializing in commercial, healthcare, and higher education. We work with organizations and help them understand how to best optimize their work environment to help create the best work performance for their business," said Rose Ann Blahnik, of MarxModa.

With all their knowledge of workspace design and usability, MarxModa needed an equally design-conscious, yet practical real estate developer. They found that combination in Treystar.

Treystar is Our Partner

"We are not just a client, we are partners," Blahnik said. "MarxModa's been working with Treystar for the last two-and-a-half years. They helped us find this location in downtown Kalamazoo."

Main Street East marx moda exterior

Beyond working with Fritz Brown to find and develop their space at 259 East Michigan Ave., Suite 107, in Main Street East, MarxModa's partnership with Treystar has allowed the company to collaborate on other Treystar properties and offer their expertise to other Treystar clients.

"The employees at MarxModa have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Treystar campus here in downtown Kalamazoo. We enjoy being a part of downtown, but most importantly we feel that we have a neighborhood here within the Treystar building.

"We have a family. We have an area that we can collaborate with other organizations. We get to know our neighbors and we thoroughly enjoy their involvement in our business and having them as partners here," Blahnik said.

Added Value

"Treystar brings an enormous amount of value to our organization," Blahnik said.

"When working with Treystar to find this location, Treystar understood what we were looking for.

"They really understood the vision for our space. They understood what we were trying to create. They understood the type of facility we were looking for and they helped us develop this space into a space in which our business is thriving."

Special Features

MarxModa fireplace

"My favorite part of this space is the fireplace," Blahnik said. "It brings the whole atmosphere of home and work together. It allows our employees to not only collaborate, but to feel comfortable, to feel at home, to allow their creative juices to flow, and relax."

Customer Recommendation

Eager to sing the praises of Treystar and its customer service team, Blahnik said she would work with Treystar again and has recommended them to others.

"MarxModa would absolutely work with Treystar again. We have developed a working relationship that helps us work together to be a resource for other organizations here in Kalamazoo," she said.

MarxModa's Economic Impact

"We are working with many organizations and businesses in southwest Michigan to help them understand how their work environment can impact their bottom line. How their work environment can be used as a business driver. In order to do so, it is a process of helping these organizations understand how their people can work and how this will effect employee retention and attraction," Blahnik said.

MarxModa space

"Each individual employee may work in a different way so we look at how you maximize an employee's potential in order to maximize a company's growth and a company's bottom line."